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Inhouse Dyeing Unit :

Your successful and reliable garment sourcing depends on a successful dyeing facility that should meet all strict pollution treatment norms. Our Inhouse fabric Dyeing & Finishing factory is duly approved by Pollution control Board and makes us your trusted reliable Supplier, Manufacturer & Exporter of High Fashion Garments. We use HTHP Softlow Dyeing Machines which are latest in dyeing technology. We use advanced drying machines like Relax Dryers to dry the fabrics in thier natural state.
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Oeko Tex Standard :

Click here for Dyeing Factory Photo TourWe use only Oeko Tex Standard dyes for our reputed garment brands so you are assured of a very high quality merchandise that sell with more profits and best standards.
Fabric Dyeing is vehemently opposed all over Asia for the environmental damage and stress on natural resources. Effluent treatment is become challenging due to strict norms and hence new projects and continuing of old dyeing factory is becoming difficult. Karpagam Garment is duly approved with effluent treatment facilities for fabric dyeing. Hence we assure you continuous supply of fashion garments in the future our existing facilities also have expansion capacity to meet your future demands. We invite buyers to top our rare potential of i9n house dyeing and trust us as your reliable Garment Manufacturer Exporter from Tirupur in India.

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